Nintendo eShop suggests Splatoon to receive amiibo support


By this point, I expect the majority of Nintendo’s upcoming games to support amiibo in some way. While Mario Party 10 sports an amiibo Party mode, the next game splattering toward Wii U is Splatoon in May.

Splatoon’s Nintendo eShop page, as spotted by Dakota, looks to promote what Nintendo are describing as their “ultimate mess-fest,” although within Related Software specifically mentions amiibo as being related software – alongside Nintendo, Action, Multiplayer and Shooter categories.

That the Nintendo eShop page has suddenly been pulled only fuels a purported leak by South African retailer Raru that listed a Splatoon Boy, Splatoon Girl and Splatoon Squid amiibo for release on 29th May 2015, as well as Greninja and Jigglypuff amiibo extending the Super Smash Bros. Collection.

[Thanks GoNintendo]

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