Nintendo eShop sales have tripled in the last two years


Slow sales of the Wii U may have pulled Nintendo’s financial results down in the last fiscal year, but there were still positives to be shared.

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata detailed with investors that, after digital sales across the company’s consoles had noticeably fallen by 2012, the past two years have seen the revenue gained from download sales drastically triple.

This graph shows the transitions of download sales until the last fiscal year,” Iwata began.
“As shown here, download sales had slowed down three-to-four years ago, but they have tripled in the last two years.”

In indicating the reason behind such growth, he pointed to an increased number of users connecting their Wii U and 3DS systems online to access the Nintendo eShop, the enrichment of “download-only games and services,” retail titles becoming available digitally, and the expansion of payment methods.

Iwata indicated that it “will be imperative” for Nintendo to continue to help maintain such success, which will surely be aided by the incoming wave of indie titles headed our way.

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