Nintendo eShop Releases This Week: 5th March 2020 (North America)

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This week’s Nintendo eShop releases for North America are in, delivering new games for Nintendo Switch – as well as plenty of discounts across all platforms.

Nintendo eShop Sales

Great deals this week! Check out the full list of deals available this week on Nintendo of America’s website.

Nintendo Switch Games

Afterparty, Night School Studio – $19.99 (available 6th March 2020)
In Afterparty, you are Milo and Lola, recently deceased best buds who suddenly find themselves staring down an eternity in Hell. But there’s a loophole: outdrink Satan and he’ll grant you re-entry to Earth. Control Milo and Lola with an intelligent conversation system that changes the story and your relationships based on every decision. Uncover their personality quirks and foggy history during the wild events of the night. 

Amoeba Battle: Microscopic RTS Action, Grab – $14.99
Unlike other RTS games, there are no bases to build – new amoebas are created through the miracle of binary fission! First though, your amoebas must forage for food in the beautiful yet alien environments that make up their world. Once well-fed, these amoebas can replicate into two identical amoebas of the same type, doubling your army with a press of a button!

Arcade Archives P.O.W. -PRISONERS OF WAR-, Hamster Corporation – $7.99

Bleed Complete Bundle, Digerati – $27.99
This bundle contains Bleed and Bleed 2. A double-dose of the indie smash hit action-platformer series in one super stylish bullet-dodging bundle. Help pink-haired heroine Wryn defeat a relentless barrage of baddies and bosses and be the Greatest Hero of All Time! Both games feature Arcade mode (try and beat the game with just one life!) and couch-friendly 2-player local co-op.

Breeder Homegrown: Director’s Cut, Sometimes You – $4.99 (available 6th March 2020)
Breeder Homegrown is a short horror game about a family dealing with a strange creature over several generations. You will encounter some puzzles but the game relies mostly on atmosphere, music and dialogues. The whole experience takes about 40-90 minutes depending on how much you want to explore.

Darts, Sabec – $9.99
Darts is based on the classic 501 dart game, starting with a score of 501 your goal is to 0 with the minimum number of dart throws and just like the classic game you can score doubles and triples. There are 15 rounds and in each round you throw 3 darts, the player to either reach 0 or has the lowest score wins the game. 

Dude, Stop, Team HalfBeard – $14.99
Dude, Stop is a puzzle game, where the main goal is to make everyone hate you! Play it, break it, abuse it, skip the tutorial, ignore tips and tricks in the loading menu and – most importantly! – mute the narrator.

Flight Sim 2019, OviLex Soft – $14.99
Ever wondered what is feels like to pilot legendary jet airliners? In Flight Sim 2019 you have a global open world map to explore, with an amazing selection of realistic aeroplanes. Enjoy the fully immersive experience provided by awesome flight controls, realistic interiors and sound effects, full day-night cycle, and challenging weather scenarios. In this Flight Simulator, you can fly across the globe between a large selection of real cities and airports. Prove yourself as the best pilot when faced with challenging landings!

ibb & obb, Sparpweed – $14.99
ibb & obb is a two-player cooperative game set in a puzzle filled world where gravity goes both up and down. You can only succeed by working closely together. Find a friend for some true local cooperative couch fun or match up online.

Kairobotica, Kairosoft – $14
In this new spacefaring sim, you command the Kairobot Corps, a state-of-the-art brigade of mass-produced guardians of galactic peace. Heed calls for help to patrol planets and vanquish villains to build your reputation as the most elite interstellar security force this side of the Andromeda!

Langrisser I & II, NIS America – $49.99 (available 10th March 2020)
You are the arbiter of fate in a world ravaged by wars through generations of heroes who battle for peace, order, or chaos. Command Ledin, Elwin, and their companions in their quest to obtain the Sacred Sword Langrisser and restore peace to a war-stricken land. Decide who your allegiance lies within Langrisser I & II, remastered for modern consoles.

Lost Horizon, Koch Media – $14.99
It’s the year 1936: When former British soldier and failed smuggler Fenton Paddock sets out to find his lost friend in the Himalayas, little does he suspect that this adventure will lead him across three continents to an ancient mystery that could turn the world upside down. A mystery that the Nazis are also deeply interested in, sending expeditions to the most remote corners of the Earth to hunt for occult artifacts in aid of their maniacal plans for world domination.

Murder by Numbers, The Irregular Corporation – $14.99
Honor Mizrahi was just an actress on a hit TV detective show. But when her boss ends up dead just minutes after he fires her, she finds herself starring in her own murder mystery. Teaming up with SCOUT, a reconnaissance robot thrown away after a mysterious incident, she sets out to clear her name – and a new detective duo is born. Solve Pixel Puzzles to find clues, then use the clues to interrogate witnesses. Work your way to the truth and uncover the mystery of Murder by Numbers!

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, Nintendo – $59.99 (available 6th March 2020)
What if you woke up one day and you were a Pokémon? You can meet and recruit over 400 Pokémon in a dungeon-crawling adventure within their world! Build a rescue team to take on mysterious, changing dungeons and strategically plan your moves as you venture forth to make the Pokémon world a safer place … and uncover your true purpose along the way. The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX game will be available on March 6.

Save Koch, OverGamez – $20 (available 6th March 2020)
In Save Koch you play mafia Godfather, who is basically besieged inside his own panic room. Danger-danger! Someone in the Сity decided to take your place, and there is a sleeper “mole” inside your Family, who is acting as we speak. Time is running out, you have only six days to solve the plot, resolve who is standing behind this conspiracy, resolve the problem and send the challenger to feed the fish.

Swordbreaker The Game, Drageus Games – $4.99 (available 6th March 2020)
Heroic-fantasy interactive story inspired by the classic “choose your own adventure” books. Make crucial decisions that will lead your path to glorious or fatal outcomes…illustrated by over 300 beautiful images. You are an adventurer brought by fate to an abandoned castle. You only have your favorite sword and the remains of an old armor with an unusual device – a sword-breaker. Step in and try to overcome the obstacles and foes that stand between you and the treasure you’re hunting.

Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet, Ratalaika Games – $4.99
In a magical town there lives a candy alchemist, Syrup, who one day discovers a candy golem in her basement. Where did she come from? Who could’ve made her? Go find out!

Troubleshooter (available 6th March 2020) – $TBC

Unlock The King, QUByte Interactive – $0.99
A Chess-inspired puzzle game designed by the creators of Zen Chess. Move the pieces and create a path to Unlock the King.

Welcome to Primrose Lake, QubicGames – $7.99 (available 7th March 2020)
Welcome to Primrose Lake, a brand-new time management game to thrill the hearts of suspense lovers over the world! Primrose Lake isn’t as quaint as it seems. A tragic past weaves its way through the very fibres of the town. When Jenny Carlyle hitches a ride with a stranger, it doesn’t take long for her to realize something is terribly wrong. It’s up to our players to uncover all the secrets hidden in Primrose Lake before it’s too late.

Wunderling, Retroid Interactive – $14.99
Take control of the Wunderling, a low-level video game goon who has just unlocked the power to jump. Unable to stop or change direction at will, you will need to plan ahead and master the Wunderlings’ abilities to navigate treacherous scrolling levels and chase down that pesky Hero.

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