Nintendo eShop Releases: 4th April 2019 (North America)

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This week’s Nintendo eShop releases for North America are in, delivering new add-on content, demos, and games for Nintendo Switch – as well as plenty of discounts across all platforms.

Nintendo eShop Sales
Great deals this week! Check out the full list of deals available this week on Nintendo of America’s website.

Nintendo Switch Demos

  • Gabbuci, h.a.n.d. – Free (available Friday 5th April)
    Gabbuchi” is a curious creature that loves gobbling blocks and stuff. His favorite food is the heart cookie. In order to get it, you have to think about which blocks he can and can’t gobble. He can gobble blocks the same color as himself. You can change his color, too, so he can gobble different colored blocks.

Nintendo Switch Games

  • Arcade Archives Armed F, Hamster Corporation – $7.99
    Armed F is a shooting game that was released from Nichibutsu in 1988. Players equip ‘Armor’ what can make variety attacks, and fight in variety of worlds such as the insect stage and the machine stage. Wipe out enemies in a wide range attack with reversing the Armor to change formations.
  • Circuits, TeseoyelMinotauro – $4.99 (available Friday 5th April)
    Simple in concept, but very challenging and rewarding, Circuits is a musical puzzle game that requires careful listening to complete each level. The goal of Circuits: to piece together the different parts of a song. Sounds easy, but maybe it’s not…
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!, Vertigo Gaming – $12.99 (available Wednesday 10th April)
    Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! is the massive sequel to the surprise best selling original, one of the few games that gives players complete control on how they want to build their restaurant.
  • Godly Corp, Ultimate Games – $7.99 (available Friday 5th April)
    Do you want to do something meaningful in your life? Do you desire more responsibility like responsibility for the fate of the multiverse hanging in the balance? You might want to consider a career with Godly Corp, an upcoming over-the-top simulator with a focus on wobbly tentacle physics! Rest assured that every mistake will bring tremendous consequences, just as you wanted!
  • Hob: The Definitive Edition, Perfect World – $19.99
    From the creators of Torchlight and Torchlight II! Traverse and transform the mysterious world of Hob. This vibrant, atmospheric adventure game is set in a stunning and brutal world in disarray. As players delve into the mysteries around them, they discover a planet in peril. Can it be mended, or will the world fall further into chaos? Now with enhanced performance and features, only available on Nintendo Switch in this definitive edition.
  • Mechstermination Force, Hörberg Productions – $11.99
    Battle against massive bosses, jump and climb onto them to find their weak spots, and blow them to kingdom come in this action-packed platforming boss rush, from the creator of the Gunman Clive series. Take on the massive bosses alone or together with a friend in local co-op.
  • Modern Tales: Age of Invention, Artifex Mundi – $14.99
    Paris, 1900. During the world expo an unknown force kidnaps the brightest minds of the century. To what sinister end? Step into the shoes of Emily Patterson – the daughter of one of the captured scientists – to conduct your own investigation, follow the trail of the captor and thwart his evil plans before the fate of the world is sealed.
  • Monster Slayers, Digerati – $14.99 (available Friday 5th April)
    Monster Slayers is a rogue-like deck-building RPG adventure with an innovative card-based battle system that lets you customize a deck to suit your play style. Create a hero to join the Monster Slayers Guild and choose your path through the perilous Northern Valley as you follow your quest to defeat the legendary Harbinger and become a true Monster Slayer.
  • Out There: Ω The Alliance, Raw Fury – $14.99 (available Tuesday 9th April)
    Out There is an award-winning space exploration game where you try to survive alone in a distant and unknown part of the galaxy by upgrading your spaceship and managing your resources. Space is a hostile place; dangerous and mysterious adventures will mark each step of your travel. You will not only meet insidious intelligent species, but also deal with ancient powers linked to your destiny and the fate of mankind itself.
  • OVERWHELM, Alliance – $9.99
    OVERWHELM is an action horror-world platformer where enemies power-up and you don’t. Explore the oppressive caverns of the hive, guided only by a sparse map. Enemies can appear from anywhere at any time. As you defeat each of the five unique bosses, their abilities get distributed to the enemies of the world with escalating difficulty.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, Capcom – $29.99 (available Tuesday 9th April)
    Become well-coiffed attorney Phoenix Wright and experience the thrill of battle as you fight to save your innocent clients in a court of law. Play all 14 episodes, spanning the first three games, in one gorgeous collection. Solve the intriguing mysteries behind each case and witness the final truth for yourself.
  • Pitfall Planet, Abstraction Games – $14.99
    Featuring the cutest pair of robots this side of the Milky Way, Pitfall Planet’s action takes place on a distant, forgotten mining world. Play as the two astrobots, who after being stranded and separated from their ship, must traverse the subterranean caves of the ruined planet, overcoming its many perils in the process.
  • Pressure Overdrive, Chasing Carrots – $12.99
    Step up a gear: Pressure returns with Overdrive! Start your steam buggy and join “La Resistance” …it’s still time to prevent Count Soap from powering his Uber-Spa with stolen water! Pressure Overdrive is a complete overhaul of the original Pressure game. In this enhanced version, you revisit an action-packed world, filled with crazy characters and funky humor.
  • Royal Adviser, Happy Hobgoblin – $7.99
    In Royal Adviser the players take on the roles of court advisers of an old King and attempt to seize power for themselves. Each player has a secret goal that they must achieve by manipulating the kingdom and advising the King on daily issues. They can also form secret alliances, spy, and accuse each other of their ambitions. One match takes about 20-30 minutes.
  • Safety First!, Headup Games – $2.99
    Safety First! is a twin stick physics puzzler in which you have to fix broken electric wires using your Magical Yellow Repair Liquid (MYRL). Get ready for a challenging journey through a variety of gameplay mechanics and hilarious sound design. Can you beat all 69 levels?
  • Sephirothic Stories, KEMCO – $14.99
    Shendoah―a world protected by Sephiroth. However, with the power of the world tree having begun to wane, countless people have been overcome by an encroaching murk that has transformed them into monsters. Now with the world on the verge of destruction, an unlikely band sets out an adventure with their convictions…
  • Smashing The Battle, PlatinumRocket – $9.99
    In the year 2085, a huge multiplex construction site has become victim of a massive scale hacking incident and the construction robots have started attacking the workers on site. What could have possibly happened? Experience the fights for yourself, taking control of two beautiful heroines as you battle through their stories to the end.
  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission, Bandai Namco Entertainment – $59.99 (available Friday 5th April)
    Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission is a tactical-card game packed with exhilarating confrontation, deep card game strategy and a thrilling storyline taking place in the wide Dragon Ball Heroes universe!
  • Switch ’N’ Shoot, Matthew Glanville – $4.59 (available Wednesday 10th April)
    Endless arcade action with just ONE button – Switch directions whenever you shoot! Calling all pilots: Earth is under alien attack! Your assistance is required! No experience necessary.
  • The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa, CIRCLE Entertainment – $14.99
    Ringo Ishikawa is a gang leader but also a senior in High School, with day-to-day challenges and routines to follow. You have freedom in how you pass each day, and as time progresses a natural story plays out that is inspired by yakuza-delinquent aesthetics. This is a story about gangs, friendships and, most of all, about growing up.
  • The Mystery of Woolley Mountain, Huey Games – $12.99 (available Wednesday 10th April)
    Funded on Kickstarter with backers including legend of the genre Ron Gilbert, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is an otherworldly adventure game filled with strange beasts, evil witches, confused automatons and wacky ropemen. Join a renegade crew of time-travelling audio scientists on a hilarious and fantastical quest. A malevolent witch has captured a group of children, and it’s up to you to save them from the mysterious island of Woolley Mountain!
  • War Theatre, Arcade Distillery – $9.99
    From the developers of Plague Road, War Theatre expands classic turn-based strategy gameplay with RPG elements. Choose your hero and take to battle in single-player campaigns set in a continent ravaged by ceaseless war. Complete quests to earn perks and unlock deeper customization options to refine your strategy and dominate opponents in multiplayer.
  • Yet Another Zombie Defense HD, Awesome Games – $4.99 (available Friday 5th April)
    Yet Another Zombie Defense HD is all about defending yourself against hordes of darkness attacking you every night. However, when you’re a lone survivor struggling against waves of enemies who are getting stronger and stronger, your end is inevitable. The only important question is how long can YOU survive?
  • Zombie Scrapper, Ransacked Studios – $2.99 (available Friday 5th April)
    Zombie Scrapper is a twin stick shooter that will test your survival skills! Battle through an onslaught of zombies; not just your regular undead horde, but also fast, beefy and even exploding zombies! Be sure to collect as much scrap as you can to even the odds in this intense zombie thriller!
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