Nintendo eShop Releases: 22nd March 2018 (North America)

Detective Pikachu Artwork

This week’s Nintendo eShop releases for North America are in, delivering new demos and games for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS – as well as plentiful discounts across Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo eShop Sales
Great deals this week! Check out the full list of deals available this week on Nintendo of America’s website.

Nintendo Switch Add-On Content

  • Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack Wave 2, The Pokémon Company – $14.99 (available Friday 23rd March)
    The Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack grants immediate access to Avatar items upon purchase and two waves of DLC as they are released. The Battle Pack contains two new Battle Pokémon and two new Support Pokémon Sets. With these Pokémon joining the fray, the battle is just getting started! Wave 1 released on Jan. 31, 2018, and contains Battle Pokémon Aegislash, a new Support Pokémon set featuring Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu, and additional Avatar items. Wave 2 releases on March 23, 2018, and contains Battle Pokémon Blastoise, a new Support Pokémon set featuring Mew and Celebi, and additional Avatar items.

Nintendo Switch Demos

  • Metropolis: Lux Obscura (available Tuesday 27th March)
    This city is rotten to the core. You can’t even tell night from day in this hell where big money runs everything. And the best way to prove you’re right is with brute force. Jon Lockhart walked through the prison gates a free man, after spending years imprisoned as the supposed murderer of an old friend. He returned once more to the city where it all started intent on figuring out who it was that framed him for the murder and make them pay in blood for the crime. It’d take some work with the key witness dead, but that just meant he’d have to flush out every rat from hiding.

Nintendo Switch Games

  • ACA NEOGEO World Heroes 2 Jet, Hamster Corporation – $7.99
    World Heroes 2 Jet is a fighting game released by SNK in 1994. It is the third title in the World Heroes series. Sixteen heroes, villains, and other fighters have gathered to determine who is the strongest in the world. With dashes, back steps, and the addition of a counter system, you can enjoy speedy battles.
  • Arcade Archives Moon Patrol, Hamster Corporation – $7.99
    Moon Patrol is a side-scrolling action-shooting game released by IREM in 1982. Control a lunar rover as you jump to avoid obstacles, and move forward while defeating enemies that shoot missiles from above or rockets towards you. The goal is to make it through the Beginner Course and Champion Course.
  • Castle of Heart, 7Levels – $14.99 (available Friday 23rd March)
    Castle of Heart, available exclusively for Nintendo Switch, is a classic action platformer at the genre’s best… and most challenging, with plentiful of new twists on the formula to experience. The players take control over a cursed knight, turned to stone by the evil sorcerer’s spell, but ready to prove that love and courage can conquer even the darkest magic.
  • Eat Beat Deadspike-san, Arc System Works – $6.99
    Eat Beat Deadspike-san is a rhythm action game spin-off of the 2D-fighting game series, BlazBlue, that features Dead Spike-san in an eating frenzy. The controls are simple, tap the buttons to the beat and eat the incoming food! Enjoy the music of BlazBlue while having Dead Spike-san eat as much food as possible!
  • Gekido Kintaro’s Revenge, Naps Team – $12.99
    A year has passed since the epic battle that decided the fate of mankind and claimed the life of the beloved Angela. Dark omens once again tell of the return of an evil presence. Ushi is the last remaining master of the ancient art of Shin-Ken, and he calls upon Tetsuo, his disciple and adopted son, to investigate some strange happenings in a faraway farming village outside the city.
  • No Thing, Forever Entertainment – $1.99
    The year is 1994 and it is the future. No Thing is a minimalistic surreal action game set in a totalitarian regime of future. Tells the story of an office clerk who is sent with an important message to the Queen of Ice.
  • OPUS: Rocket of Whispers, Flyhigh Works – $8.10
    Throughout the OPUS: Rocket of Whispers game, you will play as two survivors of an apocalyptic plague. Help them achieve the unimaginable goal of building a rocket, so they can return the deceased to their cosmic homeland through the ancient tradition of space burials.
  • Outlast 2, Red Barrels – $29.99 (available Tuesday 27th March)
    The Outlast 2 game introduces you to Sullivan Knoth and his followers, who left our wicked world behind to give birth to the Temple Gate town deep in the wilderness and hidden from civilization. Knoth and his flock are preparing for the tribulations of the end of times and you’re right in the thick of it.
  • Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut, Digerati – $14.99
    A killer puzzle game where you control Skullface, a psychotic slasher hell-bent on revenge. Slide this adorably demented murderer around hundreds of isometric puzzle levels to squash, flay, and decapitate hapless victims in this darkly comic homage to 80s horror movies. Experience a new dimension of gut-churning terror as an unspeakable force of skull-faced killing maims and murders his way through smart-mouthed, over-sexed, substance-abusing young adults. No teenager is safe in the summer horror blockbuster smash hit of 1984.
  • Sol Divide – Sword of Darkness-, Zerodiv – $7.99
    Vorg heard a rumour that the army of Satan was searching for treasures called Seirei stones which led him to think that the time for revenge has come. In addition, he also knows that one of the Seirei stones was entrusted secretly to King Silverna from Vorg’s homeland, the Kingdom of Miltia. Vorg, who was a holy knight in Miltia, was in the forest town of Neraphai working for a mission when the king of Satan, Ifter, invaded the Kingdom of Miltia with Dhatilos armies.
  • Warp Shift, Isbit Games – $9.99 (available Tuesday 27th March)
    Warp Shift is a unique puzzle game set in a mysterious world. It takes you on a marvellous journey that challenges your mind and stimulates your senses. Experience beautiful visuals, challenging puzzles and intriguing sound design. Guide the little girl Pi and her magical companion through the maze-like confines of the enigmatic ancient chamber that keeps them trapped. Think ahead and alter your surroundings wisely to usher Pi back home – one move after another. Embark on an audio-visual voyage through time and space, never knowing where your next step will lead you.

Nintendo 3DS Games

  • Detective Pikachu, Nintendo – $39.99 (available Friday 23rd March)
    Crack the case in this new detective adventure game by interacting with a unique, fully voiced Pikachu. As Tim Goodman, you’ll partner with self-proclaimed “great detective” Pikachu to solve strange occurrences all over Ryme City. Together you must investigate, take notes and meet up with other Pokémon to unravel the city’s greatest mysteries!
  • The Alliance Alive, ATLUS – $39.99 (available Tuesday 27th March)
    One thousand years ago, Daemons invaded the world of Humans. They subjugated Humanity and created the Great Barrier to separate the realms. Now the time for resistance has come. The Alliance Alive game evokes the nostalgia of JRPG greats with huge world exploration and intertwining stories of nine protagonists.
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