Nintendo eShop Down With Error Code 2813-0009 After Surge In Nintendo Switch Owners


Nintendo has acknowledged that users may be experiencing difficulty in accessing the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.

In what seems to have become a recurring issue for the company on Christmas Day, we can only hazard a guess that the portable home console has been hidden beneath many Christmas trees around the world and the outage resulting from the surge in those taking their new present online.

“Some people are experiencing difficulties accessing [the Nintendo] eShop on Nintendo Switch,” Nintendo writes. “We hope to resolve the issue soon. Thanks for your patience.”

Those that are trying to attempt to access the Nintendo eShop are currently being met with the error code 2813-0009.

The issue was first reported at 1.40pm GMT and, some hours later, it remains unresolved. It has had a knock on effect to any purchases made on the Nintendo website, although that issue wasn’t detected until some time later at 4.46pm GMT. As to when it will be resolved is unclear, but we’ll keep you posted!

Alex Seedhouse
After starting out with a Yellow Game Boy and a copy of Donkey Kong Land, Alex once hid in his room to play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time one Christmas. Now he shares his thoughts on Nintendo Insider, keeping track of everything to do with Nintendo.
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