Nintendo eShop Down On Nintendo Switch As Has Become Christmas Tradition

Nintendo eShop Discover Screenshot

The Nintendo eShop is down once again, with Nintendo of America reassuring Nintendo Switch owners that they are “working to address” the underlying issue that has caused the outage.

“We are aware that players are experiencing errors accessing Nintendo eShop, and are working to address the issue as soon as possible,” Nintendo of America wrote on Twitter. “Thank you for your understanding, and please see our Network Status page for the latest updates.”

Nintendo had first identified that there was an issue at 9.04am GMT on Saturday 25th December 2021, and, several hours later, it still remains unresolved.

In what appears to have become a tradition for the company on Christmas Day, we can only hazard a guess that the popular portable home console has been hidden beneath many Christmas trees around the world and the outage has resulted from the surge in those taking their newfound present online. However, the issue has also had a knock-on impact with the Nintendo eShop for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

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