Nintendo Earnings Conference To Look Toward Future Products

nintendo tatsumi kimishima

Nintendo will share their fiscal year earnings release tomorrow, alongside which they will hold a conference at the Osaka Press Club to outline the company’s performance.

That will also see them firmly look to the future, with Kantan Games CEO Dr. Serkan Toto suggesting that he has heard rumblings that Nintendo will “announce news on future products and pipeline.”

It is unclear as to whether that will specifically cover Nintendo NX – their next “dedicated game platform” – but with E3 2016 looming, they will have to at least indicate when they plan for it to be revealed.

Other than that we can perhaps expect to hear when their next mobile game will arrive, and how Miitomo has performed for them since the app’s launch in late March. While we may also hear more about their plans to diversify their IP presence, such as their partnership with Universal Parks & Resorts.

“So Nintendo will hold its fiscal year 3/2016 earnings conference at 4pm on Wednesday Japanese time (in 14 hours) at the Osaka Press Club,” Toto wrote on Twitter. “I was told that in contrast to the last event (vague statements), Nintendo will actually announce news on future products and pipeline. It was also suggested to me that at least news of Nintendo’s plans for mobile will be presented in more detail. Not sure about NX.”

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