Nintendo Download list: October 13th (North America)

Night of the living carrots

Nintendo of America have detailed the latest additions to their WiiWare, Nintendo DSiWare, Nintendo eShop services, bringing a wealth of new content available to download..

The latest content is as follows:

* 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix, Nordcurrent – 700 Wii Points
Welcome to the home of 101 mind-blowing games for all tastes! Whether you like puzzle games, sport games or fast-paced arcade action, you’ll definitely find something to suit you here! Jump in – ten of hours of games await you!

* FAST – Racing League, Shin’en Multimedia – 1000 Wii Points
Prepare yourself for a whole new racing experience at breakneck speeds. In the year 2112 the masses are fascinated by extreme high speed races. The latest antigrav racing technology introduced phase shifting. Perfect phase matching of track and racing machine is the key to stay alive.

Nintendo DSiWare
* 1001 BlockBusters, SelectSoft – $1.99 (Nintendo 3DS) 200 Nintendo DSi Points (Nintendo DSi)
Think you’ve seen the ultimate brick-breaking game? Think again! Enjoy classic gameplay, amazing 3D graphics and surprising bonuses as you smash through 1001 levels of blockbusting excitement! Use the stylus to catch, bounce and bust balls through complex 3D constructions in 4 eye-popping worlds: Stone Age, Ancient Greece, Candy World and Fantasy Forest.

* Furry Legends, Gamelion – $4.99 (Nintendo 3DS) 500 Nintendo DSi Points (Nintendo DSi)
Furry Legends is a fantasy adventure game based on the WiiWare title of the same name. The environment and puzzles in Furry Legends are driven by real-time physics, featuring moving bridges, falling stones, rotating elevators, and much more. Experience the adventure rolling through furry lands, scary caves, evil pyramids, and even another dimension!

Virtual Console (Nintendo 3DS)
* Catrap, Nintendo – $2.99
Brain-bending action puzzles. Mind-bending action awaits you in this classic puzzle game. Catboy and Catgirl have been trapped in an underground labyrinth that’s crawling with monsters. In order to reverse the curse and return to their human form, they must solve all 100 puzzles set out before them. Push blocks, climb ladders and dig through loose ground to defeat the monsters and clear each stage. If you make a mistake, simply use the “rewind” function and try again.

Nintendo Video
* Night of the Living Carrots, DreamWorks – Free
B.O.B. and the gang from Monsters vs. Aliens come together on Halloween to save their town from a takeover by zombie carrots. Will B.O.B. be able to overcome his fears to save the day?

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