Nintendo Download list: March 25th (Europe)

wheres waldo

Nintendo of Europe have detailed the latest additions to the WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare download services, bringing a wealth of new content.

The full list of additions are as follows:

* Where’s Wally?® Fantastic Journey 1, Ludia – 500 Wii Points

After successful versions on Nintendo DSiWare, Where’s Wally makes the leap to Wii in Fantastic Journey 1. Search for Wally and his friends in the ultimate search and find game based on the world famous books. Where’s Wally will see you travel to the magical worlds of The Gobbling Gluttons, The Battling Monks, The Carpet Flyers and more!

You will be able to challenge friends or play solo as you search for hidden items, uncover surprises and even attempt to sabotage other people’s attempts to complete challenges.

* Successfully Learning Mathematics Year 4, Tivola – 800 Wii Points

With Successfully Learning: Mathematics Year 4, pupils can solve exciting maths problems with the help of their little vampire friend, Freddy. Your companion will help you as you try to solve mathematical problems and the challenges you will encounter.

As a reward for hard study, you can unlock new levels and a funny bonus game to help make learning fun.

WiiWare Demo
* Fast Draw Showdown, Digital Leisure – Free

Nintendo DSiWare
* DodoGo! Robo, Neko Entertainment – 200 Nintendo DSi Points

Following the acclaimed DodoGo! and DodoGo! Challenge, the popular puzzle game returns with DodoGo! Robo. Your task is to guide eggs through maze-like levels to the safety of their nests with the use of the Nintendo DSi Stylus. Just make sure you don’t break any eggs along the way.

Players can collect target icons as they navigate around obstacles and use springs to bounce over small gaps to complete levels and progress onto the next challenge.

There is no need to have played previous versions of the game as the gameplay is accessible, entertaining and will appeal to all levels of skill.

* Dancing Academy, Tivola Publishing – 500 Nintendo DSi Points

This is your chance to become the dancing star you have always dreamed of becoming. Head down to the casting calls and dance your way through the audition rounds and outshine other contestants in the TV show with your natural sense of rhythm. Dance to world famous tunes of music hits your sure to recognise.

* Simply Minesweeper, Engine Software – 200 Nintendo DSi Points

Simply Minesweeper gives you exactly what you want – pure minesweeper action on your Nintendo DSi. The simple game design and easy, intuitive controls make it a game that the whole family can enjoy. With 50 puzzles in each level, it is sure to entertain for hours on end.

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