Nintendo Download list: March 11th (Europe)

Nintendo of Europe have detailed the latest content due to release across the WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare download services, bringing a wealth of new content.

Highlights include lilt line from Gaijin Games on WiiWare, and Shapo from Tik Games on Nintendo DSiWare.

The full list is as follows:

* lilt line, Gaijin Games – 500 Wii Points

lilt line will confound your senses as you attempt to stay on the track while tapping to the beat of the funky soundtrack by dubstep superstars. It’s a race to the finish line that has to be experienced to be believed.

Set across 15 levels of intense musical racing, you will need to use your Wii Remote to keep to the rhythm of the beat and drink in the success of victory. And even if you don’t win the race, you can simply enjoy the award winning soundtrack.

* Successfully Learning: Mathematics Year 3, Tivola – 800 Wii Points

In Successfully Learning: Mathematics, Year 3, pupils once again team up with little vampire, Freddy, to solve maths problems together. With the help of Freddy, pupils will solve exciting math problems to help learn maths in a playful way. Use your little vampire friend to help create an environment where children can learn in a fun and relaxed way.

As a reward for hard study, you can unlock new levels of a fun bonus game.

WiiWare Demo
* Mix Superstar, Digital Leisure – Free

Nintendo DSiWare
* GO Series: EARTH SAVER, GAMEBRIDGE – 500 Nintendo DSi Points

The GO Series presents its latest adventure in EARTH SAVER from Tom Create. The planet is in jeopardy as a meteorite hurtles towards the Earth. To prevent catastrophe, you will need to land your spaceship on the meteorite and set explosives to break off pieces so they disintegrate in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Tactically plant bombs, create chain reactions, wipe out any alien life forms and ultimately save the Earth from certain doom.

* Shapo, Tik Games – 500 Nintendo DSi Points

Shapo is a puzzle game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You are tasked with having to balance the scales as you place shapes made of different materials on top of one another, set to the backdrop of the wonders of the world.

Play more than 150 levels in Classic or Puzzle mode to unlock the greatest wonders of the world backgrounds. Enjoy exciting power ups and magical balls to enhance the gameplay – brought to you with an exhilarating soundtrack and stunning graphic.

* Beauty Academy, Tivola – 500 Nintendo DSi Points

Become a stylist to the stars! Prove your skill and speed at hair styling, make-up, nail design and much more in this fun beauty parlour simulator. Fulfil the wishes of your customers and your beauty studio will become known as the best in town!

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