Nintendo Download list: June 21st (Europe)

mutant mudds

Nintendo of Europe have announced the latest content to be made available through the Wii Shop Channel, Nintendo DSi Shop and Nintendo eShop.

The full list of content is as follows:

* Save the Furries, SDP Games – 1000 Wii Points
Help Save the Furries across 60 levels in this puzzle-adventure! Furries are cute green creatures that like to visit strange planets and then stroll about oblivious to the dangers around them. Use the Wii Remote to move and swipe pinballs, ropes, logs, crates, carts, switches, fans and all sorts of other items to help create a safe path to the exit.

3DS Download Software
Mutant Mudds, Renegade Kid – £8.10/€9
Our hero, Max, may be just a 2D sprite, but he can leap into the third
dimension by jetting between the background and the foreground playfields with his trusty jetpack in this unique dimensionally-woven experience. Armed with a heavy-duty water cannon, Max the 2D sprite has what he needs to vanquish his long-term nemeses: the Mutant Mudds.

Nintendo DSiWare
* Goooooal Europa 2012, Cinemax – £4.50/€5 (Nintendo 3DS) 500 Nintendo DSi Points (Nintendo DSi)
This table-top style football game features an innovative arcade mode: Replace the football with a time bomb and send the opponent’s players to the bench. Play single matches, tournaments or skill campaigns featuring 20 objectives and win exciting achievements.

Nintendo Video
* The Amazing Spider Man 3D Trailer – Free
The Amazing Spider Man is based around Peter Parker’s journey to find out why his parents disappeared when he was young, after finding an important clue.

* Ice Age 4: Continental Drift 3D Trailer – Free
In Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, the usual suspects; Manny, Diego and Sid, embark on yet another epic adventure after their continent is set adrift.

* Kid Icarus: Uprising “Thanatos Rising Part One” – Free
Making a return to Nintendo Video this week is the first part in the series of previously released Kid Icarus 3D Anime clips titled Thanatos Rising Part One.

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