Nintendo Download List: January 28th (Europe)


Nintendo of Europe have announced the latest additions to their WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare online download services, bringing a wealth of new content. Unfortunately no Virtual Console releases again this week.

Highlights include Jewel Keepers: Easter Island on WiiWare, in which players must help Professor “H” to solve puzzles and unwrap the secrets of the mysterious Easter Island, and Around the World on WiiWare, a fun party game where you can invite friends to join you in solving questions about famous places and artefacts from across the globe.

The full list of the latest content is as follows:

* Jewel Keepers: Easter Island, Nordcurrent – 500 Wii Points

Join Professor “H”, his assistant Joel and his granddaughter Ivie, as they travel to Easter Island to respond to a letter of distress sent by an unknown individual. You will need to have your wits about you to get to the bottom of the mystery and reveal Easter Island’s greatest secret.

With more than 40 levels spread all over Easter Island, tons of different puzzles to tackle and an intriguing story to get lost in, this will keep you coming back for hours.

* Around the World, Wizarbox – 500 Wii Points

If you are tired of staring at an atlas, but want to know more about those locations on a map, then Around the world is the game for you. Putting some fun into geography, you will be able to play in two exciting modes. In solo mode you will pit your wits against the game whilst multiplayer mode will allow you to challenge friends and family.

An ideal party game, you will need to think fast to answer questions quickly before the clock runs out. Challenges are about monuments, history, sports, art, literature and people from various locations from across the globe, so prepare for a round the world trip of discovery and fun.

WiiWare Demo
* LIT, WayForward – Free

Nintendo DSiWare
* Ancient Tribe, CIRCLE Entertainment – 500 Nintendo DSi Points

Ancient Tribe is a top view real-time strategy game in which players take on the role of a god of an ancient tribe. You control every aspect of their society and plan their hunting, collection of resource – even how the tribe grows through managing their resources, upgrading their technologies and improving their equipment. Be a kind and attentive god to your primitive tribe and they will build a Miracle to pay tribute to your mightiness.

* Puzzle to Go Baby Animals, Tivola Publishing – 500 Nintendo DSi Points

Puzzle to Go Baby Animals is a jigsaw puzzle for those on the move. Put together the most beautiful motifs wherever and whenever you like. Collect stars from each jigsaw you complete and new images will become available. Each motif is available in three different levles of difficulty, so you can tailor the scale of your challenge.

In addition to the 10 unique motifs of cute baby animals, the Puzzle to Go feature allows you to use images taken from your Nintendo DSi photo album and create your own puzzles. With an unlimited amount of puzzles to be created, this will have you pondering what goes where for a long time to come.

* Ferryman Puzzle, Engine Software – 200 Nintendo DSi Points

One of the oldest conundrums around has just been given a fresh makeover. Help Jiang, one of the best ferrymen in the world, get hold of the bounty Master Fu has offered by completing his riddle. How do you get all of his goods from one side of the river to the other without losing any of them. Sound easy? Well consider this, some of Master Fu’s goods are wolves and sheep – never a good combination. Can you trust the wolves not to eat the sheep?

* Boom Boom Squaries, Gamelion – 200 Nintendo DSi Points

Furries are cute beings that enjoy rolling around in the sun all day long. But the bad tempered, stone cold Squaries, hating everything that is round and fluffy, attack the unsuspecting Furries! Now it is up to you to create chain reactions that will pop the evil invaders. Prove your skill in four different game modes: CLASSIC, CHALLENGE, TIME TRIAL and ENDLESS. Use the Squaries’ special abilities like gravity, air blast and split to plan your attacks for maximum efficiency!

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