Nintendo Download list: February 4th (Europe)


Nintendo of Europe have announced the latest additions to the WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Console download services, bringing with it a wealth of new content.

The full list, and information for each title, are as follows:

Pucca’s Kisses Game, Big Ben Interactive – 1000 Wii Points

Join Professor “H”, his assistant Joel and his granddaughter Ivie, as they travel to Easter Island to respond to a letter of distress sent by an unknown individual. You will need to have your wits about you to get to the bottom of the mystery and reveal Easter Island’s greatest secret.

With more than 40 levels spread all over Easter Island, lots of different puzzles to tackle and an intriguing story to get lost in, this will keep you coming back for hours.

WiiWare Demo
* Racers’ Islands – Crazy Racers, ZALLAG

Virtual Console
* S.C.A.T., Natsume – 600 Wii Points (Super Nintendo)

In the 21st century, humanity faces its most dire threat. An alien horde led by the Supreme Commander Vile Malmort, has launched a full scale invasion of the planet Earth. An Astrotube connects the desolate remains of New York City to the orbiting space station of the invaders. Their armies sweep the skies for any sign of resistance.

The last hope for mankind comes from a secret alliance made by the President. Luckily, he was informed of the coming invasion in time to act. He assembled the world’s greatest scientists and gave them the impossible task of finding a solution to the dilemma. From their labs came the answer, the Special Cybernetic Attack Team.

Nintendo DSiWare
* Glory Days – Tactical Defense, Odenis Studio – 200 Nintendo DSi Points,

It is now time to get tough, as the howling sandstorms are blazing across the barren plains and a violent storm is brewing on the horizon. Get ready to repel the waves of enemies amidst this finely orchestrated chaos.

Experience 3D combat action, as you are outnumbered by the enemy and having to move your units to higher ground to gain strategic advantage. Shoot down enemy planes, fight off tanks with your guns, sink subs with your missile launchers and master the battlefield by using the “Big One”. With epic music and up to 300 units in real time, enjoy this hectic and exciting masterpiece.

* Animal Boxing, Gammick Entertainment – 800 Nintendo DSi Points

Animals of all shapes and sizes lived together in peace in the Forest of Happiness. But one sunny day a new resident joined the neighbourhood, completely out of the blue. It was a human. From the start, the new resident tried their best to become part of the community and be friends with all of the creatures living in the forest. They would talk to the animals, run errands for them and make sure that the forest was kept clean.

However, something unexpected took place when someone opened a boxing gym and everybody rushed to work out and get fit! The new inhabitant then decided to take charge and make it clear to every creature in the woods who was the real king of creation here.

Step into the ring against 50 wild fighters, each with different fighting styles – go toe to toe against Lee the cat, Sauda the rhino, Fore the bull, and many more.

* Gold Fever, Tik Games – 500 Nintendo DSi Points

Take a trip back in time to explore the great American Gold Rush in this puzzle extravaganza. Simply flip coins to make matches while mining your way to California. But don’t let the simple technique fool you because Gold Fever will challenge even the most dedicated puzzle players. With 160 dynamite levels, clever power ups and stunning graphics, everyone will have hours of fun.

* Digger Dan & Kaboom, Virtual Playground – 500 Nintendo DSi Points

Digger Dan has always loved digging. That’s probably how he got his name although nobody knows for sure. He also loves gems and he just happens to have found a lot of them. However, there is a problem as all the gems are in some pretty nasty caves. You are going to have to help Dan get them out.

Dan has sent Kaboom, his pet gopher into the caves to find the best place to start, but he hasn’t returned. Kaboom has a habit of falling asleep though, so it looks like Dan’s going to have to rescue him too.

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