Nintendo Download list: August 16th (North America)

new super mario bros 21

Nintendo of America have announced the latest content to be made available through the Nintendo DSi Shop and Nintendo eShop.

The full list of content is as follows:

A Month of Mario
* Mario’s Picross, Nintendo – $2.99 (usually $3.99)
This week, “A Month of Mario” is featuring Mario’s Picross. Starting today until Wednesday 22nd August, this mind-bending puzzle game is available at a discounted price of $2.99.

3DS Card Software
* New Super Mario Bros. 2, Nintendo
Mario returns to Nintendo 3DS in a side-scrolling action adventure packed with great power-ups and crammed with coins. In New Super Mario Bros.™ 2 you can expect classic Mario action with a golden twist – an extra challenge to make Mario a millionaire and collect one million coins. You are also able to team up via Local Play, and there’s a new Coin Rush mode, where you frantically try to grab as many coins as possible in the time limit, adding a strategic edge to the mayhem!

3DS Download Software
* Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D, Teyon – $1.99
Restore peace to the Caribbean shores by pointing and shooting crazy pirate chickens in this frantic action game. You only have 90 seconds to complete your raid by slaying pirates and collecting all hidden treasures.

3DS Add-on Content
* Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, Square Enix
Tap and slide to the rhythm of more than 70 tracks from the Final Fantasy series. Check out the latest songs available for download.

Nintendo DSiWare
* Crazy Chicken: Pirates, Teyon – 200 Nintendo DSi Points
A one-legged captain, a gunner, a cutlass-wielding chicken and a treasure hunter… the island is home to countless perils, hidden extras and mysteries. The lords of the island are by no means willing to surrender themselves and their treasure without a fight. Crazy Chicken Pirates is a point & shoot action game where you take aim at birds as they scurry through the island and plunge bravely into the waves for a desperate counterattack. You only have 90 seconds to complete your raid by slaying pirates and collecting all hidden treasures.

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