Nintendo Download list: April 8th (Europe)


Nintendo of Europe have announced the latest content for their WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare services, providing a varying degree of titles encompassing snowboarding, 3D puzzles, mathematics and pelvic exercises!

The full list of content is as follows:

* Successfully Learning Mathematics Year 5, Tivola – 800 Wii Points
Pupils can now test themselves with a new set of exciting maths problems to solve. As with previous years, pupils will be joined by their little vampire companion, Freddy, who will be there to help if at any point students get stuck on a particularly challenging problem.

As a reward for all the hard study, new levels can be unlocked, including a funny bonus game, helping learning and play to become the perfect combination!

* Physiofun Pelvic Floor Training, Kaasa – 1000 Wii Points

Pelvic Floor Training, developed with the Dr. Becker hospital, is the perfect fitness workout for women looking to do some postnatal exercise.

The exercises are aimed at assisting in locating and training your pelvic floor to help improve posture and general body feeling. The comprehensive 30 day pelvic floor training scheme provides a gentle introduction and increases the training to match your preferences. The daily exercise sessions last for about 10 minutes and provide the option to create individual training plans. Sessions can be augmented with or without the support of mini-games.

WiiWare Demo
* Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs Robots, Onteca – Free

Nintendo DSiWare
* Trollboarder, Enjoy Gaming – 500 Nintendo DSi Points

Descend the slopes in the craziest snowboard game in history. What happens when the dragons’ treasures are stolen by goblins whilst you were in charge of watching over them? Big trouble!

With some not-so-happy dragons to answer to, you must recover all of the treasures as fast as possible by taking control of the last guardian and his snowboard in frantic races to recover the stolen treasure. Perfect your best tricks to gain favours from the dragons and discover the invisible chests to complete your task.

* 3D Twist & Match, Sanuk Games – 200 Nintendo DSi Points

3D Twist & Match is easy to pick up, and within moments you will be able to learn the intuitive controls and build combos to complete the puzzles.

The aim of the game is to rotate 3D objects to match their silhouettes and challenges your spatial visualization capabilities to the limit. With 10 themes including: Beach, Halloween, Christmas, Jungle and Vehicles to explore, three game modes: Classic, Rush and Practice, three levels of difficulty and 200 objects to sort out, this game will have you hooked and coming back for more again and again.

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