Nintendo Download list: April 1st (Europe)

Nintendo of Europe have detailed the latest selection of content to be made available through WiiWare, Virtual Console and Nintendo DSiWare services later this week.

The full list of content, which is seemingly a little light, is as follows:

Virtual Console
* Brawl Brothers, JALECO – 800 Wii Points (Super Nintendo)

A classic two player scrolling beat ‘em up has arrived on Virtual Console.

People are going missing in Bayside City and the rumours say that those responsible are conducting a shady human cloning experiment. For Rick (a.k.a. Hack) and Doug (a.k.a. Slash) this situation became personal after three friends from their martial arts gym got abducted. The duo set off to the enemy’s secret Air Fortress to sort this out.

These guys know all the moves, from martial arts to pro wrestling throws – and they don’t hesitate to use them. They’re not afraid of using knives, bats and other things they find to get the job done. And if that wasn’t enough, when they get hurt they get especially angry – and you certainly don’t want to mess with them then, as they’ll ignore damage and hit even harder. They are ready for the action. The question is, are you?

WiiWare Demo
* Soccer Bashi, Icon Games Entertainment – Free

Nintendo DSiWare
* GO Series: Captain Sub, Gamebridge – 200 Nintendo DSi Points

GO Series presents Captain Sub from Tom Create. Search the depths of the sea for lost treasure in this charming underwater adventure. Enjoy dashing in and out of underwater caverns and caves in a mini submarine, whilst fighting off sea creatures with torpedoes. Recover treasure off the sea bed with a mechanical arm and return it to your ship before going head to head with the giant underwater monsters.

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