Nintendo Download list: April 19th (North America)

3D Classics Kid Icarus

Nintendo of America have announced the latest content to be made available through the Nintendo eShop and Nintendo DSi Shop services.

The full list of content is as follows:

3D Classics
* 3D Classics: Kid Icarus, Nintendo – $5.99
Relive Pit’s first adventure in 3D Classics: Kid Icarus as you venture from the depths of the underworld up to the heights of the sky palace. Play in 2D or 3D as you face down the evil goddess Medusa.

Nintendo eShop Demo
* Pyramids, Enjoy Gaming – Free (Full Game: $3.99)
Pyramids is a puzzle/platform game where an explorer tries to get out the pyramids with his loot. The task will not be easy. There are many dangerous traps and monsters that will put your dexterity and ingenuity to the test. The player will have the use of TNT and a gun but his best friend will be his shovel which allows him to create and destruct bricks. These bricks will be used as stairs, bridges, protections … The explorer will venture through 54 challenging 3D levels, divided in 6 worlds.

Nintendo DSiWare
* I Must Run!, Gamelion – $1.99 (Nintendo 3DS) 200 Nintendo DSi Points (Nintendo DSi)
I Must Run! is a skill-based action running game. Jump across gaps between jail buildings, run through a subway station, and test your reflexes in a deadly dash over construction site cranes. Reach the city center and save your wife. Remember, you have only 24 hours.

Nintendo Video
* Dinosaur Office, CollegeHumour – Free
The dinos slack off at work with some prehistoric epic fails.

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