Nintendo Download: 21st May 2015 (North America)


Those in North America have plenty to enjoy in this week’s Nintendo Download, which delivers lots of new content to the Nintendo eShop across Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Special Offers (Wii U)
* Bombing Bastards: 28 percent off (reduced from $6.99 to $4.99) from 25th May – 1st June 2015.
* Master Reboot: 50 percent off (reduced from $14.99 to $7.49) until 18th June 2015.
* Shiny the Firefly: 30 percent off (reduced from $9.99 to $6.99) until 20th June 2015.
* SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge: 50 percent off until 28th May 2015.

Special Offers (3DS)
* Battleminer: 50 percent off (reduced from $7.99 to $3.99) until 18th June 2015.
* BigBen Interactive: I Love My Little Boy and I Love My Little Girl are 40 percent off (reduced from $24.99 to $14.99) until 4th June 2015.
* Joindots: 3D MahJongg, Gardenscapes and other games are on sale until 4th June 2015.
* Majesco: Hello Kitty Picnic with Sanrio Friends and Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends 3D Racing are on sale from 25th May – 1st June 2015.
* Natsume: Yumi’s Odd Odyssey, Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning and more games are on sale until 31st May 2015.
* Retro City Rampage: DX: 50 percent off (reduced from $9.99 to $4.99) until 28th May 2015.
* SpongeBob HeroPants: 33 percent off (reduced from $29.99 to $19.99) until 28th May 2015.
* SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge: 50 percent off until 28th May 2015.

Virtual Console (Wii U)
* Mega Man Zero 2, Capcom – $7.99
Mega May continues with this Game Boy Advance classic! Zero must rejoin Ciel and the other Resistance fighters to stand a chance against Neo Arcadia. But when a commander decides that unsealing a dark, evil entity is the only option left, Zero will have to equip powerful abilities and weapons to turn the tides of war.

* SUPER E.D.F. Earth Defense Force, Hamster – $7.99
In this Super NES shoot-’em-up, guide your special mechanized fighter, the XA-1, against the mysterious alien forces known as AGYMA. Protect the earth from the enemy invasion by using various high-tech weapons. Dodge enemy attacks as you fly through six areas of super-fast, side-scrolling action and intense firepower.

Wii U Download Demo
* Shiny The Firefly, PadaOne Games – Free
This adorable game, set in the middle of a picturesque garden, has you helping Shiny, the cute little firefly, to find his babies. You’ll have to fly, run, hide and defend yourself against a legion of enemies. Stubborn mosquitoes, hungry toads, mischievous plants, sneaky wasps, endlessly long centipedes and lots of other little, dangerous garden dwellers are going to get in your way and make your life difficult.

Wii U Download Software
* Blocky Bot, Mobot Studios – $1.99
Jump your way through a wacky world of Robots, Wizards, Ninjas and the first ever playable box of robotic French Fries! Blocky Bot is a brand new super action mini platformer for Wii U, from the same team that brought you Paper Monsters Recut. Test your platforming skills and reflexes by collecting Bits and Bytes to unlock new characters and themes and push yourself for the best score and blocky bragging rights!

* Journey of a Special Average Balloon, TreeFall Studios – $1.49
Journey of a Special Average Balloon is an Arcade type Adventure game. Journey as a balloon across many worlds to save the rainbow! Collect coins to reveal rainbow shards, dodge enemies with difficult maneuvers, and collect bonus chests if you can! Compete or cooperate with a friend in several different multiplayer modes! Two people can compete by playing Survival and seeing who can last longer, or by playing Spike Chaser and trying to destroy/evade the other. There is also a small Co-Op adventure for two friends to play cooperatively! Go for the high-score in Slingshot Galley, a timed mode in which you control a slingshot and try to pop as many balloons as you can before time runs out! There are also many challenges and bonuses to unlock!

* Shapes of Gray, Secret Tunnel Entertainment – $6.99
Shapes of Gray is a stripped-down action-arcade game about rapidly descending through a series of seconds-long levels, each one containing a unique combat-puzzle challenge. Use your enemies’ attacks against each other to get the high score and complete arcade challenges all while jamming out to a totally rad indie-punktronic micro-soundtrack.

* Stone Shire, Finger Gun Games – $7.99
There once was a dwarf. It had a pickaxe. It had one goal in life: to explore the world and to see what lies both above and beneath it. So it took up its tool and set out on an adventure, waiting to see what the world has to offer. You are that ambitious explorer. Exploring through tree, snow, and sand, you will be able to manipulate the world to how you see fit.

* Swords & Soldiers II, Ronimo Games – $19.99
Sharpen your beard and groom your axe! The 2D strategy hit is back! Swords & Soldiers II is filled to the brim with gorgeous hand-animated artwork, endless replayability and heaps of good old fun. Command the Vikings, Persians and Demons as you conquer the epic campaign or face off with your friends in local multiplayer.

* Vector Assault, WizByte Games – $4.99
Vector Assault is a fast paced dual stick shooter where you have to survive a onslaught of enemy attackers. The more enemies you defeat the higher your score will become. Try to achieve the highest score possible across multiple game modes, and levels. Compete against your friends and other players to see who can get the highest score on the online leaderboards. Or you can play cooperatively with a friend in local multiplayer.

3DS HOME Menu Themes
* Swapnote: Nikki and Friends, Nintendo – TBC

3DS Download Software
* Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition, Nintendo – $29.99
Two puzzling RPG adventures await you! Rescue Princess Peach from Bowser in Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition or defeat the evil group Paradox by battling enemies with the awesome power of Orbs in Puzzle & Dragons Z. Drag and match Orbs, and chain together combos to deal massive blows to your enemies. Then bolster your forces with hundreds of unique monsters in this two-in-one game pack.

* Samurai Defender, CIRCLE Entertainment – $3.99
Samurai Defender is a simple defense type action game set in the Warring States period of Japan.

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