Nintendo distributing invitations to Wii U demonstration events

new wii u gamepad3

Nintendo of America are sending invitations to Club Nintendo members to attend a Wii U demonstration event to be held in New York between June 26-30th.

“Club Nintendo is very excited to invite you to get a sneak peek of Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console!,” the invitation reads. “You’ve been chosen from amongst our most loyal mebers to get this exclusive hands-on experience with the revolutionary new touch screen controller, full HD graphics, and innovative games you won’t want to miss.”

Nintendo also seem keen to spread the word as much as possible, enabling attendees to also invite up to three friends and family members.

“To make our first Wii U experience even more memorable, we want you to invite your friends and family to join you,” the invitation continues. “Upon completion of the registration proces, you’ll be provided with three invitations you can share with whomever you like.”

[Thanks GoNintendo]

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