Nintendo discussing return of dormant franchises

Dormant franchises may soon return, according to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime.

In seeking to enthuse consumers about their Wii U, Nintendo will be looking to their healthy stable of established IP to help drive their business forward across each of their platforms.

“You know, I think we have to be really clear on the time period that we are talking about, and we need to be really clear on the specific franchises that we are talking about,” Fils-Aime explained to MTV, asked as to whether each Nintendo franchise will appear on Wii U over the coming months.

“I do think though, that it’s helpful to look at what we’ve done with Wii, and what we’ve done to date with Nintendo 3DS. With Wii, there was just about every Nintendo franchise brought to bear on that platform, including Metroid, in a number of different incarnations. When you look at Nintendo 3DS, we’ve been able to bring back beloved Nintendo franchises like Kid Icarus and Luigi’s Mansion.”

He continues, “Nintendo is a very fortunate place, we have over 30 different franchises, and we look constantly for opportunities to bring those franchises to bear on our most current systems. I’m not making any promises, and I’m not making any commitments, but certainly we are thinking about, for Wii U and for 3DS, what are those franchises?

“Maybe those franchises that have been dormant for a few years, that we can loving bring to those platforms to drive our business forward.”

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