Nintendo discuss smartphone development reluctance


There are increasing calls for Nintendo to begin developing software for smartphones, and whilst the company are looking to deliver marketing experiences to such devices, games still remain firmly off the table.

Enter Nintendo’s Kensuke Tanabe to discuss why, reasoning that the challenges of moving away from traditional control schemes to entirely touch-based input would be a “really, really difficult task”.

“With games like Mario and Donkey Kong, the control input is such an important part of that; I think if you’re trying to replicate that feeling of control that you have traditional to those games, translating those to a smart device, that’s a just a really, really difficult task”, Tanabe discussed with GameSpot.

“Of course I’m not ignoring the fact that the marketplace is flooded with these devices and that there are a lot of games created specifically for them. Personally, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t have a curiosity of or feeling of needing to create or wanting to create games for those devices. I want Nintendo games to be played on Nintendo hardware”.

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