Our Nintendo Digital Event predictions for E3 2014


The Nintendo Digital Event is now only hours away, and we’ve snuck in our predictions as to what may be shown during the presentation. So, without further ado, have a read and let us know what you’re hoping for Nintendo to discuss!


Release dates
Games, games, games. It’s been a central theme to E3 2014 so far, and Nintendo will be no different. Mario Kart 8 has helped to boost Wii U hardware sales, but with the release schedule looking fairly barren to close out the year it’s still an uncertain investment. Nintendo must reaffirm why consumers should purchase the console, and precisely when players can look forward to playing Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, X, and perhaps even Watch_Dogs.


Zelda Wii U will make an appearance
Everyone wants to see it, and Nintendo certainly knows. We were even nearly treated to it at E3 2013, although series producer Eiji Aonuma apparently has news, and presumably gameplay footage, locked and loaded for today’s Nintendo Digital Event. We know that it will challenge conventions and introduce “unexpected elements,” but whether it the art direction will trace that seen within the early Wii U tech demo is unclear. Expectation would be a 2015 release, although we’ll have a clear idea as to what Aonuma’s been cooking up with the Zelda team.


Somewhat soured by the tepid reception that Metroid: Other M received, Nintendo know that fans are still clamouring for its return. We know that Retro Studios are “a very high priority” to resume the mantle, although having just wrapped up Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze I don’t anticipate that we can expect that to release any time soon. Although an early teaser trailer may confirm the project’s existence, with Retro confirmed as being the studio behind it.

With Wii U sales regaining momentum, I would instead predict Nintendo to deliver a new Metroid for 3DS to release later this year, perhaps helmed by Next Level Games after their success with Luigi’s Mansion 2. Dare I mention Metroid Dread?


Miyamoto’s new IP will make a resounding appearance
We now know that Shigeru Miyamoto will “show some of his new projects” today, although at this point it is unclear as to precisely what those will be. He’s already indicated his desire to become involved in “new, smaller-scale projects,” as he ushers in Nintendo’s younger talent to take on Mario. Satoru Iwata has indicated that enriching the value of the Wii U GamePad is paramount to enticing consumers, and there’s certainly no better man tasked with doing so than Miyamoto himself. Colour us excited at seeing what he has been working on.


Pokkén Fighters and Pokkén Tournament are real
Dismissing the initial tease as “merely conceptual images” hasn’t dissuaded me from believing that Pokkén Fighters, and Pokkén Tournament for that matter, are real. That’s only been fuelled further by recent trademarks in Europe, which have hinted at the direction.

My prediction? Pokkén Fighters will be a Wii U exclusive that will make use of the Nintendo Figure Platform, with Mega Evolved Pokémon figures vying for your wallet. Pokkén Tournament will be an accompanying expansion to the Pokémon Trading Card Game, with the new cards potentially having some interaction with the Wii U GamePad’s near-field communication technology. I’m going out on a whim here, but that’s my main idea behind it all.


Nintendo introduce Nintendo Figurine Platform, and we all throw money at the screen…
We already know that the Nintendo Figurine Platform will make an appearance today, wandering the company down a path already populated by Disney Infinity and Skylanders. However, what we’ll discover is that Nintendo have a clearer strategy with their pursuit of such direction. Multiple games that share the same figures, drawn from their illustrious stable of IPs, will mean that you aren’t spending £7 per figure to only ever use them within a single experience. Diversity has always been Nintendo’s strength, and they’ll look to demonstrate what compelling ideas they can bring to the table in such arena in comparison to their competitors.


Assassin’s Creed Comet
Assassin’s Creed Unity is one game that clearly had many excited after yesterday’s gameplay reveal, although is only destined for Microsoft and Sony’s new-gen consoles. With PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 not really part of either platform holder’s conversation, that leaves Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot left to play another card having teased that a second Assassin’s Creed experience would appease those yet to upgrade.

With all conferences having now passed, there’s the possibility that it will be the Nintendo Digital Event in which we first hear news. We’ve had Assassin’s Creed III and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, so another adventure wouldn’t entirely go unwelcome. It would also signal that there’s still third-party intent to develop for Wii U.


The Adventures of Captain Toad makes a return
Ok, this one’s more of a selfish hope. We continue to see energy being poured behind the Nintendo eShop, with Pullblox World being the most recent example. The company has noticed a dramatic climb in digital sales, and will only look to continue that. Koichi Hayashida has already noted demand for The Adventures of Captain Toad to return, and it seems like the perfect fit for Nintendo’s digital store.

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