Nintendo detail Mario Kart 7 Community, SpotPass and StreetPass Features

mario kart 7 1

Nintendo have today confirmed more information regarding Mario Kart 7, including details about the game’s Community, SpotPass and StreetPass.

As you’ll already know, Mario Kart 7 is due to incorporate online multiplayer, and a new Community feature will provide you with the ability to create groups with other Mario Kart fans, allowing you to customise your own races with specific rules, and view Community leaderboards that will display the latest information from your most recent races.

StreetPass will also be utilised, allowing players to exchange racing scores, win/loss records, number of collected coins and other game data, whereas SpotPass will enable you to download Ghost Data to race against. You’ll be able to receive up to seven ghosts at the same time, so that you can enjoy a full eight player race.

Lastly, Nintendo have announced that a Mario Kart Channel will be able to be installed, which will a central place for you to view information received through either StreetPass or SpotPass.

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