Nintendo detail latest Miiverse improvements


The Miiverse Announcement community is once again alight, as Nintendo spokesperson Marty took to the board to introduce the latest raft of improvements to the social service.

“Hello! Marty from Nintendo here again. We updated Miiverse today,” he begins.

“1) We added a feature to your profile screen for displaying a list of posts you gave a Yeah to. Now you can easily find all your favourite posts on one list at any time.

“2) You can now limit users who can comment on your posts to only those who have payed the game. Select the “Only Users Who’ve Played” option, which you can find by selecting the following: User Menu > Settings/Other > Miiverse Settings > Who should be able to comment on your posts?

“3) Official users will now be marked with the name of their organisation e.g. ‘Nintendo’

“4) The default comment setting for users aged 12 and under changed from ‘Friends Only’ to ‘Anyone.’ This change only applies to users starting Miiverse for the first time. If you are reading this your setting will not be changed automatically. If you are aged 12 or under and want to receive comments from people other than your friends, you can change the setting to ‘Anyone,’ which you can find by electingthe following: User Menu > Settings/Other > Miiverse Settings.

“5) The community screen will now remember whether you last viewed ‘New posts’ or ‘Player posts.’ Next time you start Miiverse and view a community, your previous preference will be displayed.

“That’s all from me for this update. Keep an eye out for my next post. Bye for now!”

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