Nintendo detail free and paid downloadable content for Hyrule Warriors


As promised by Koei Tecmo Games, Hyrule Warriors will be supported by “long-term updates” and such plans have now been outlined by Nintendo.

Free downloadable content will arrive in a month’s time on Thursday 16th October, which will make the game’s villains playable. That will allow you to fight hordes of enemies as evil sorceress Cia, dragon knight Volga, and robed wizard Wizzro.

Whereas those that make their way to the Nintendo eShop can purchase the Hero of Hyrule Pack for £13.49. This is a season pass of sorts, letting you buy forthcoming downloadable content for the Wii U exclusive. That will include the Master Quest Pack (October 2014), Twilight Princess Pack (November 2014), Majora’s Mask Pack (January 2015) and Boss Pack (February 2015), each introducing new weapons, scenarios, Adventure Mode maps and costumes.

As an added extra, those that purchase the Hero of Hyrule Pack will have immediate access to the Dark Link costume.

Hyrule Warriors is now available release exclusively for Wii U across Europe, and launches in North America on September 26th.

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