Nintendo detail how amiibo will interact with Hyrule Warriors


Nintendo of America have launched a website dedicated to amiibo, and, as part of that, have discussed how the company’s figure range will interact with respective games. Hyrule Warriors is one such game and while we had roughly learned how they would benefit players, we now know more concrete information.

The Link amiibo will unlock the Spinner weapon that appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, while scanning Zelda will allow you to receive a weapon “rated 3 stars of higher” once per day.

Meanwhile, any other amiibo figure that you own can similarly be scanned each day to reward you with “a weapon rated 3 starts or lower, Rupee bonus or crafting material bonus.”

Early 2015 will also see the arrival of Toon Link and Sheik amiibo figures which are confirmed to interact with Hyrule Warriors in some way, although details haven’t yet been announced.

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