Nintendo deliver more Miiverse tweaks


Nintendo have distributed an update to the Wii U, 3DS and web versions of Miiverse, continuing to upgrade the service.

The web version has been brought inline with its console counterparts, now letting you see posts by verified users as well as to search for communities by software title. Whilst all versions now introduce a time limit on submitting multiple responses on someone else’s post.

“There has been an update to Miiverse today”, Nintendo’s Marty begins as per usual. “1) We’ve added two new features to the web version of Miiverse to bring it in line with the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions. The first is the ‘Posts from Verified Users’ icon at the top of the Communities screen, which you can select to display only posts by verified users. The second is the community search function, which lets you search for communities by software title”.

He continues, “2) This affects all versions of Miiverse: You can no longer post several comments in quick succession on somebody else’s post. From now on, after posting a comment on someone else’s post, you will have to wait around 3 minutes before you can comment again on the same post. This doesn’t apply to your own posts, where you can comment as frequently as you like”.

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  1. There was never a real problem with spammers. Anyway, we had the block button for that. I thought Nintendo was killing Miiverse with the biased admins, but now they’ve really ruined it. Miiverse is supposed to be a social networking site, but we can’t be social when we’re having to wait to reply to a post. I hope Nintendo remove this rule or at least lower the restriction to 1 minute or I’m seriously thinking about quitting. I suppose I should add a #savemiiverse while I’m here.

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