Nintendo considering more editing software like Super Mario Maker


Nintendo has confirmed that they are already considering more types of editing software that can see release in the future, after the phenomenal interest surrounding Super Mario Maker.

That’s according to Shigeru Miyamoto who shared that such games will “be a new colour for us in terms of key products going forward,” even if it has been similarly seen in games such as Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars and Pullblox World.

“Super Mario Maker was actually proposed as a product by the tools team within Nintendo,” Miyamoto explained to TIME. “The team that developed these tools said ‘We want to turn this into a game.’ And before we began work on Super Mario Maker, we dabbled in these sorts of games that have had editing tools in the past as well, including games like Mario vs. Donkey Kong and things like that.”

He continued, “Originally the tools team thought ‘Well, because all we’re going to do is create an editor, we probably won’t do it as a big piece of packaged software when it may be at a lower price point.’ But Mr. Tezuka kept saying ‘No, this is going to be a full-sized piece of software.’ And so we began to develop the game, and as we began testing it in-house and trying it out with different people, everyone was so surprised at how much content there was, and it became apparent to us that it truly was a very big release for us.

“As for the future of Super Mario Maker specifically, it’s tough to say. The big question is, what would happen if for example we release a system that doesn’t have a GamePad? How would you adapt it in that case? What I can say is, we do feel that these types of editing software are going to be a new colour for us in terms of key products going forward.”

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