Nintendo considering a return to 2D Zelda design with 3D visuals

Zelda Link to the Past Bow

Nintendo are currently considering a return to the 2D Zelda classics of old, by designing a top-down game that utilises 3D visuals.

Having been queried as to whether he would consider making another 2D Zelda game, series producer Eiji Aonuma revealed that whilst he hadn’t, creator Shigeru Miyamoto is exploring whether such an idea could work.

“Well actually, even Mr. Miyamoto himself has been talking recently about going back to the 2D Zelda games, in particular the ones that were designed with multiple levels to the world like A Link to the Past, and taking those 2D graphics and recreating them in 3D so that you could get a sense for the depth of those worlds”, Aonuma discussed. “That’s something that might be interesting to do, so I would say there might be a possibility of something like that in the future.”

This may even hint at The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past becoming a further release within Nintendo’s 3D Classics range – we’ll have to wait and see!

[Thanks Games Radar]

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