Nintendo confirms Q1 2011 line-up for Wii and DS

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed their release schedule across February and March for both its Wii and Nintendo DS systems.

Whilst the forthcoming arrival of the Nintendo 3DS may be solely vying for the cash in your wallet, there are number of fantastic games coming over the next few months including Kirby’s Epic Yarn, de Blob 2, Okamiden and both Pokémon Black and Pokémon White.

The schedule is as follows:

Wii Q1 release schedule
* Family Party: 90 Great Games Party Pack (D3P), February 11th
* Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Nintendo), February 25th
* de Blob 2 (THQ), February 25th
* Williams Pinball Classics (Systems 3), TBC March
* Pictionary (uDraw) (THQ), March 4th
* Dood’s Big Adventure (uDraw) (THQ), March 4th
* uDraw Studio with uDraw GameTablet (THQ), March 4th
* Fitness Coach Club (Ubisoft), TBC March
* Challenge Me: Word Puzzles (O-Games), March 11th
* National Geographic Challenge! (Black Bean Games), March 18th
* LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars (LucasArts, distributed by Activision), March 25th

Nintendo DS Q1 2011
* Beauty Academy (Tivola Publishing GmbH), February 4th
* Lost Identities (dtp), February 18th
* The Mysterious Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (O-Games), February 18th
* de Blob 2 (THQ), February 25th
* Nintendo DSi Pokémon Black Version Limited Edition bundle (Nintendo), March 4th
* Nintendo DSi Pokémon White Version Limited Edition bundle (Nintendo), March 4th
* Pokémon Black Version (Nintendo), March 4th
* Pokémon White Version (Nintendo), March 4th
* Bibi & Tina – Jump & Ride (Kiddinx Entertainment GmbH), March 4th
* Challenge Me: Word Puzzles (O-Games), March 11th
* Hop (505 Games), March 18th
* Okamiden (Capcom), March 18th
* Plants vs Zombies (Mastertronic), March 18th
* Emily Archer & the Curse of Tutankhamen (Mastertronic), March 18th
* Johnny Test (505 Games), March 25th
* LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars (LucasArts), March 25th
* Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun (P2 Games Ltd), March 25th
* Pucca Power Up (Rising Star Games), TBC March


Alex Seedhouse
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