Nintendo confirm New Super Luigi U release dates

Nintendo’s Year of Luigi celebrations will soon continue, as their themed downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros. U nears release.

Whilst providing 82 updated courses, it has been revealed that the mischievous Nabbit will also appear as a playable character in multiplayer. Nabbit is unable to user powerups, but plays with the same speed and jump height as Mario. Although, geared towards newer players, he can’t take any damage at all.

Nintendo have also taken the decision to release a special standalone packaged version of New Super Luigi U, as well as releasing it digitally as downloadable content. Such packaged edition doesn’t require the original New Super Mario Bros. U to play.

New Super Luigi U will release as downloadable content worldwide on June 20th, and as a packaged product on July 26th in Europe and August 25th in North America.

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