Nintendo blame 3DS recovery strategy for slow Wii U progress


Nintendo have shared that the Great East Japan Earthquake was partly to blame for their slow delivery of key first-party software for Wii U.

The devastating event saw the Nintendo 3DS lose momentum across the country, which saw the company concentrate their development teams on delivering software to see it recover. That decision ultimately lead to limited resources to spare for the Wii U, which is why there has been such a delay to the arrival of Pikmin 3, among others.

“We launched the Nintendo 3DS on February 2011 and sales were strong. Two weeks later we were hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake and that stopped the momentum,” a Nintendo representative explained to Yahoo! Japan.

“In August of the same year we lowered the price from the initial 25,000 Yen to 15,000 Yen, and enhanced software development at the same time, to enrich the game line-up.

“That paid off and we regained momentum in Japan, but due to that we could not spare many developers for the Wii U (released in November 2012), and that led to the slow start of the console.”

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