Nintendo awarded YouTube Play Button for surpassing one million subscribers


Nintendo of America have been awarded the YouTube Play Button, with Kit and Krysta doing the honours in unboxing it before our very eyes!

The large, and particularly heavy, 24-karat gold award is given to channels that have surpassed one million subscribers on the video-sharing website. Nintendo now sit at 1,083,882 subscribers at the time of writing, which, for comparison’s sake, is rivalled by PlayStation with a whopping 3,288,667 subscribers and Xbox at 951,560 subscribers.

They’re deservedly delighted with their award, with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime sharing a special message to coincide with receiving it.

“Hi Nintendo fans! Thanks so much for helping us reach the one million subscriber mark on YouTube,” Fils-Aime begins. “We look forward to sharing much more content with you in the future. Everything from game trailers to Treehouse LIVE, Nintendo Direct as well as the Nintendo Minute.

“Please use the Nintendo channel on YouTube for the most up-to-date features and information from Nintendo, and thanks for being such wonderful fans.”

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