Nintendo Awarded $12 Million In LoveROMS And LoveRETRO Lawsuit

LoveROMs Screenshot

In their near-constant battle against online piracy, you may remember that Nintendo had filed a lawsuit to shut down the LoveROMs and LoveRETRO websites.

Those were swiftly taken offline and, since then, the lawsuit has been settled outside of court. Nintendo won, and, as TorrentFreak report, saw website owners Jacob Mathias and his wife admit that their involvement had infringed on Nintendo’s intellectual property rights.

“Our website,, previously offered and performed unauthorized copies of Nintendo games, in violation of Nintendo’s copyrights and trademarks,” an apology on reads.

“ acknowledges that it caused harm to Nintendo, its partners, and customers by offering infringing copies of Nintendo games and has agreed to cease all such activities. To access legitimate Nintendo games online, please visit for information about the Nintendo Game Store.”

Nintendo had looked to be awarded “compensatory damages, including consequential and incidental damages, in an amount to be proved at trial.”

The amount that they have been eventually been awarded is a staggering $12,230,000. However, we can speculate that the couple will be expected to actually pay much less, with the verdict to inevitably send a message to any other website owners that are illegally hosting ROMs for download.

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