Nintendo Asks Developers To Make Upcoming Switch Games 4K-Ready

Nintendo Switch Shinya Takahashi Photo

Nintendo has asked third-party developers to make their upcoming Nintendo Switch games 4K-ready, Bloomberg has reported.

The publication cites “several outside game developers” who spoke to them under anonymity. This once again backs up recent rumours that an upgraded Nintendo Switch model will enter production in early 2021, which will be supported by “a beefed-up games lineup” next year.

Rumours surrounding this new model resurfaced when it was claimed that a new Nintendo Switch model would release in mid-2020, another adding that a “next-gen” portable home console had been delayed due to technical issues.

While Nintendo Switch production has “largely recovered” from the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the world, Nintendo has indicated that they had “no plans” for a new model in 2020.

Now that production is back up to speed, Bloomberg adds that Nintendo has asked their assembly partners to increase the portable home console’s production which is now seeing the factories operate at 120 percent capacity.

This is the second production increase with the expectation that as many as 30 million consoles could be produced this fiscal year, requested in response to the fact that demand for Nintendo Switch continues to outpace the stock being supplied to retailers around the world.

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