Nintendo Ask Which Fire Emblem Fates Side Will You Choose?


With Fire Emblem Fates nearing launch in North America, Nintendo’s marketing has charged in – presenting the Hoshido and Nohr kingdoms and what each will hold in their respective stories.

Birthright will offer a classic Fire Emblem experience, suited to series newcomers with more gold and experience being awarded as you play. The protagonist is born into the royal family of Hoshido, but were kidnapped by Nohrians as a child. Choosing to later return to your birth family, players are tasked with ending the battle with Nohr to protect the peaceful Hoshidans.

Whereas Conquest will present a more challenging path in which resources are limited, and your strategic thinking put to the test. Here, the protagonist chooses to stay with the Nohrian siblings that you have grown up with, surviving long enough to see the war come to the end.

The Nintendo 3DS exclusive has been altered for its western launch, a controversial scene that was widely perceived to involve gay conversion and a petting minigame having been removed.

Fire Emblem Fates will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS across North America on February 19th, and in Europe in 2016.

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  1. They never said they removed the “gay canversion” scene. If you know anything about translating cultural Japanese, and not literal Japanese, then you would know that it isn’t a conversion scene and she’s not even a lesbian in the game.

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