Nintendo are “extremely pleased” with amiibo sales performance


Nintendo have shared that they are “extremely pleased” with amiibo sales, which is unsurprising considering that they’ve confirmed that 10.5 million units have been sold in the space of just over four months.

While being happy that demand is there, Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime was once again keen to raise the company’s awareness of “consumer frustration” and that they remained committed to improving “the flow of product into the market.”

“We’re extremely pleased with amiibo,” Fils-Aime shared with GameSpot. “The last numbers we announced were back at the end of March. At that point on a global basis we’d sold through about 10.5 million units, about two-third of that volume was coming out of the NOA territory so we’re extremely pleased with our performance to date.”

He continued, “Now, having said that, we also know that there’s some consumer frustration out there. And so we’ve made the commitment that we’re going to improve the flow of product into the market. And we’ve delivered on that.

“In the 30-day time period for the most recent launch of new amiibo, during that 30-day time period we sold through about a million units. I mean, you can’t do that without putting more product into the marketplace and driving real improvements from your supply chain.

“The performance has been good, and now we’re looking forward to different form factors – whether it’s the Yarn Yoshi amiibo, whether it’s the cards for Animal Crossing – and we’re going to continue to innovate in this space because for us it’s all about the magic that happens when you put the amiibo figure, or the card for Animal Crossing, against the GamePad controller or against the face of the New Nintendo 3DS.

“That magic that happens for us is what amiibo’s all about. So we’re going to continue to experiment with the form factor, and go from there.”

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