Nintendo announce LEGO CITY Undercover Limited Edition


Nintendo have today announced that there will be a LEGO CITY Undercover Limited Edition, that will include the retail game alongside a LEGO minifigure of multi-talented cop Chase McCain.

The Wii U exclusive sees Chase trying to arrest Rex Fury, the criminal responsible for the recent crime wave that has spread across LEGO CITY.

You’ll go undercover, exploring the open-world city and using different costumes that grant special abilities: dress yourself as a miner and you can use dynamite, whereas becoming a robber allows you to pry open doors.

The Wii U GamePad becomes your Communicator, allowing you to talk to others, scan your surroundings for clues or criminals, or view the map and a GPS route when driving across the city.

LEGO City Undercover will launch across Europe exclusively for Wii U on March 28th.

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