Nintendo And Star Wars Collide In The Triforce Awakens

the triforce awakens image

After A Link to the Hope, Empire Smashes Back, and Return of the Hero, James Farr’s Super Smash Wars is back with a vengeance in The Triforce Awakens.

Described by Farr as “a work of loving parody,” this Nintendo and Star Wars mashup strikes all the right chords. Inspired by last December’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it replaces Poe Dameron with Pit, sees Kirby take BB-8’s shape as the ingeniously named Kir-B-8, and casts Villager as Vinn, or VN-2187. Daisy at long last takes a turn in the spotlight as Rey, or Reysy in this case, as they set out on a familiar adventure.

It’s Mushroom Kingdom madness through and through, with some Mario Party antics thrown in for good measure. But, it all comes alive thanks to Farr’s impeccable animation and witty thinking, as well as Joshua Peterson’s assistance in penning the music. So, sit back and enjoy!

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