Nintendo and DigiPen partner to launch DigiPen Game Studios

nintendo digipen game studios

Nintendo once again look to inspire the next generation of developers, having partnered with DigiPen Institute of Technology in Singapore to launch DigiPen Game Studios.

The initiative will work with third-party developers in Singapore to discover and publish new games for the Nintendo 3DS, potentially expanding to other systems in future.

The Straits Times reports that the first DigiPen Game Conference will be held later this year, inviting local developers to submit their game concepts for evaluation.

Chosen proposals will then be developed and sold globally through the Nintendo eShop, with DigiPen International’s chief operating officer Jason Chu sharing that he hoped to select 10 games by 2016.

DigiPen Game Studios will provide mentorship and assistance, whereas Nintendo will help market the games upon release. The move is also supported by the Media Development Authority which may support selected games with funding, with assistant chief executive Angeline Poh adding: “DGS will provide our aspiring game developers with new opportunities to realise their dreams of making great games.”

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  1. Well, this is good, Nintendo, is starting to get more 3rd party devs on their side. This will drastically help them in the long run. But besides that I wonder what genre of games Digipen Gaming studios, will primarily produce.

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