Nintendo of America’s Dan Adelman departs the company


Nintendo of America’s Dan Adelman has announced his departure from the company after nearly nine years, having been responsible at the company for building and maintaining relationships with the indie community.

His time with the company has covered the WiiWare, Nintendo DSiWare and the Nintendo eShop era, and seen Nintendo scoop up World of Goo, LostWinds, and Cave Story for their platforms.

Having been among the few of the company’s employees to be reachable by Twitter, Adelman was largely seen to be an accessible advocate within the broader development community. Although he was later asked to maintain radio silence on the social network, after comments about the company’s enforced region-locking, rejecting Binding of Isaac’s release, and outdated requirements that necessitated that independent developers work at an office to qualify for the opportunity to work on Nintendo platforms.

While disappointed that he could no longer so actively communicate with the indie community, Adelman said that he has parted with Nintendo on positive terms. He’s now chosen to go indie himself, and will look to help aspiring developers with any business expertise that they need.

“Nintendo has been really supportive of this move,” he discussed with Kotaku. “I think everyone there has known for a while that my passion has always really been about helping the indie community develop and thrive, so even though everyone was really surprised when I gave my 2-week notice, they all understood and wished me the best. I couldn’t have asked for a better sendoff.”

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