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Nintendo of America comment on InComm’s acquisition of SIRAS

After InComm announced their acquisition of SIRAS yesterday, Nintendo of America have commented on the sale.

“Nintendo of America Inc. has agreed to sell its wholly owned subsidiary, SIRAS Inc., to InComm,” Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of technology and finance Ingvarr Petursson explained to Game Informer.

“This transaction aligns SIRAS with an industry leader focused on providing products and services to the largest retailers around the world, giving SIRAS’ products and services an excellent opportunity to grow. This sale also enables Nintendo to remain focused on its core business of delivering the best video game and entertainment experiences, while positioning SIRAS to leverage InComm’s extensive technology to develop new products and services that provide benefits to retailers and manufacturers. SIRAS services will continue uninterrupted during this transition.”

SIRAS’s technology helps companies by identifying counterfeit goods to reduce returns and fraud, as well as recovering stolen products. It had been initially used to manage console returns, although was extended to incorporate more of the company’s products.

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