Nintendo aiming to return to “more typical” profit levels by March 2017


Nintendo are markedly making a strenuous effort to “return to profit levels more typical of the company,” plans that have been reinforced by Satoru Iwata this week to Nikkei.

Sales throughout the Christmas period weren’t as strong as the company had hoped, after launches of their revised New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL hardware were pushed back to February.

While Iwata reiterated that Nintendo had no plans to announce system price cuts, the company will look to expand their software selection by developing more affordable games inspired by those from their past and smartphones. Keeping development costs low, Iwata suggested these could be sold for as little as several hundred yen (£3.90).

Nintendo will also look to deliver more free trial versions, allowing players to put the early levels of a game through its paces before purchasing the full version.

“We aim to return to profit levels more typical of the company in the year ending March 2017,” Iwata shared, commenting that shareholders expect Nintendo to make 100 billion yen ($845 million) each year.

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