Nintendo Account Celebrates Your Birthday Month With eShop Discounts


Nintendo has announced that those with a Nintendo Account will be able to enjoy discounts on Nintendo eShop content within the month that they celebrate their birthday.

The Nintendo Account system works across Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, NX, tablets, smartphones, PC and at theme parks, where the company is looking to leverage the its IP with new attractions.

The only requirement is that your Nintendo Network ID is linked, and that you opt in to receive emails and notifications distributed by Nintendo. That promotion kicks into gear this month, and will be in place as long as users register by the 24th in any given month. After which, an email will outline the selected titles that have been discounted.

The new Nintendo Account service is currently only available in Japan, and is expected to arrive in other regions to coincide with Miitomo launching on smart devices in March.

Nintendo are hoping that the “free-to-start type communication application for smart devices” will help to drive building subscribers to their My Nintendo membership service, which is the direct replacement to Club Nintendo.

[Thanks NeoGAF]
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