Nintendo 3DS western release date not outed by UK magazine


Contrary to internet rumblings, the western release date for Nintendo’s anticipated 3DS handheld remains unconfirmed and has not been accidentally outed by the latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine UK.

Whilst Issue 62, dated December, features an extensive information blow-out regarding the handheld and what it holds for the future of portable gaming, there is no mention at all of the “outed” 11th March 2011 date. Presumably whoever spread such information needs to learn to read.

The aforementioned issue, sat in front of me now, writes, “More importantly for us, it’ll hit Europe by the end of March, meaning that at the very most we’ll only get our hands on the 3DS around a month after Japan does. No specific date or price for us just yet – Nintendo of Europe will make its own announcement regarding that in due course.”

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