Nintendo 3DS to feature multitasking capabilities

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It seems that Nintendo have taken a leaf out of Apple’s book by providing the Nintendo 3DS with the capabilities to be able to multitask, with players now being able to suspend a game at any point and then access a variety of options.

Amongst those functions that have been confirmed include a virtual notepad, web browser and a friends list that allows you to see who else is online.

As to its use, Nintendo of America’s director of product marketing, Bill Trinen, explains “Specifically for an example with Zelda. If you’re stuck in the water temple and you’re trying to figure out where the last of the switches are that you have to hit to draw the water level down and get all the way down to the boss, you can immediately hit the home button, bring up the browser, go to whatever tip site you want to go to, figure out where that is, then switch over to the game notes, draw a map on your screen to refer to or go right back into the game.”

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