Nintendo 3DS System Update 9.8.0-25 now available


Prepare to make your friends jealous, as a new Nintendo 3DS system update is about to bring even more stability to your life.

Numbered 9.8.0-25, Nintendo clarify exactly what it does as being: “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.”

That’s exactly the same description as what we saw in April’s 9.7.0-25, with 9.6.0-24 in March being the last to notably tweak anything by adding a HOME Menu Layout setting, Theme Shop categories, and an amiibo Settings menu on older systems.

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  1. Pretty much everyone and their grandmother, no matter how young or old, knows what “stability improvements” is really code for by now. Who does Nintendo think they are fooling? Then again, they still refuse to put voice chat in team-based FPS games or remove region locks so I guess it’s no surprise that they are out of the loop…

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