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Nintendo 3DS sales surge following Monster Hunter reveal

Nintendo’s barrage of announcements last week have caused Nintendo 3DS sales to surge in Japan, most likely due to the announcement that both Monster Hunter Tri G and Monster Hunter 4 were headed to the handheld.

Despite no new software being released, the 3DS was able to achieve sales of 58,837 units in Japan, gaining it the top spot on the hardware chart.

Nintendo also revealed a new Fire Emblem title, Mario Tennis and a series of other first and third party software that seems to have boosted consumer confidence.

The full hardware chart is below (with the previous week’s sales in brackets):

1. 3DS: 58,837 (49,076)
2. PlayStation 3: 36,061 (64,786)
3. PSP: 25,122 (25,391)
4. Wii: 15,406 (10,743)
5. DSi XL: 2869 (2882)
6. DSi: 2234 (1957)
7. PlayStation 2: 1317 (1386)
8. Xbox 360: 1295 (1219)
9. DS Lite: 78 (51)
10. PSP go: 7 (13)

[Thanks Andriasang]

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