Nintendo 3DS regains Hardware Sales top spot in Japan

Having previously been knocked from its pole position, the Nintendo 3DS has this week regained the number one spot amidst the hardware sales chart in Japan.

However, hardware sales were, on the whole, lower than the previous week with the PSP raking in sales of 24,000 units in comparison to the 35,000 achieved before. The Nintendo 3DS, despite gaining top place, also saw reduced sales.

The Media Create hardware chart for April 11th to April 17th is as follows, with last weeks sales in brackets:

1. 3DS: 28,252 (32,910)
2. PSP: 23,846 (35,478)
3. PS3: 22,265 (22,431)
4. Wii: 8,122 (8,825)
5. DSi LL: 7,724 (8,386)
6. DSi: 6,809 (8,035)
7. X360: 1,898 (1,906)
8. PS2: 1,261 (1,395)
9. DS Lite: 423 (514)
10. PSP go: 207 (356)

[Thanks, 4Gamer via Andriasang]

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